1. Ohana


Must we carry so much trouble?
Leaves us empty, and all alone
Gentle motion, branches bending
Sweet Ohana forever mending

I see this for everyone
Some burdens are the bigger ones
Some waging in forever wars
What's that at your fingertips, some kind of happiness?
Two pennies for a plate of food
Too many miss the bigger news
How could I lose the gratitude?
What's the on your precious lips?
Some kind of graciousness

Oh girl don't you ever change
Unless changing is a thing you need
I lay it down giving you the keys
What's that in your eyes I see
Some kind of urgency
I don't wanna miss that bus
I don't wanna miss that train
I don't wanna close my eyes
Or ever stop my listening
I just want to be your friend
Extending to your family
What's that in your heart I know?
A kind of beauty you can only hold