1. Circles


A breath from the storm, now the tables have turned
Put my money on luck, give it time let it burn
Pay no attention to time, it's all in your mind
Put your hands in the dirt, put the stone to the grind
Leave your past in the dust, let the road unwind

I see cities burn
Nothing learned
they give history walls
we make that curtain...

Fall to the ground, there was no one around
There was truth in your eyes, life was abound
Could pain be a word that no one knows
So am I hearing my heart or is it buried in need
Where the giving would start
You would see what I mean
We are something to the world, not just rolling stones

I see cities burn
nothing learned
They give history walls
We make that curtain fall
And may we never go blind
And keep our purpose kind
Keep the world as our kin
and keep our circles wide

Open arms are all that you know
Wide open arms, all you ever will know